Prof. Dr. Mihály RÉGER

Prof. Dr. Mihály RÉGER

Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungary, EU

Prof. Réger is rector of Óbuda University, Hungary, EU.

His main research interests focus on the issues of continuous casting of steels, formation of surface and subsurface defects, modeling of solidification process (physical and mathematical), solidification of transparent materials, direct observation and image analysis of solidified structures, steady and non-steady state solidification, heat treatment, surface laser treatment, modeling of metallurgical and heat treating processes.

At the METAL'18 conference Prof. Réger will present the lecture at the Session A - Advanced Iron, Cast Iron and Steelmaking: "The Role of Mathematical Modelling in Material Science and Technology from Slab to Strip".

Education and work experience:

2016 -  Rector of Óbuda University
2011 - 2016 Head of Institute of Materials and Technology, Banki Donat Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, Óbuda University
2011 - 2016 Vice rector responsible for research, Óbuda University
2003 - 2011 Vice dean responsible for research, Banki Donat Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, Budapest Polytechnic, later Óbuda University
1988 - 2000 Banki Donát Polytechnic, Dept. of Materials and Technology, senior lecturer
1985 - 1988 Institute for Material Testing and Quality Control, research fellow
1982 - 1985 Enterprise for Fine Mechanics Technology, heat treatment expert
1981 - 1982 Steel Casting and Pipe Company, worker
1979 - 1985 Metallurgical Engineering Faculty, University of Miskolc (322/1985)


Scientific degress:

2012 „DSc“, Title of doctoral thesis: Formation and Consequences of Centerline Segregation in Continuously Cast Slabs, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary (No.: 5071)
2011 full professor (IV-3/03852/2011)
2010 „dr.habil”, University of Miskolci Egyetem   (124/2010)
1998 “Ph.D.”, Title of doctoral thesis: Experimental investigation of transient solidification processes, University of Miskolc (184/1998)
1994 “doct. univ.”, Title of doctoral thesis: Characterization of the first stage of solidification during continuous casting of steels, University of Miskolc (976/1994)



Prof. Réger published 185 publications and he has 107 independent citations. 
Detailed list of publication you can find HERE.